These centres have been identified provisionally for the DUS Testing by the Authority.
Dus Test Centres

1) DRR, Hyderbad 2) CRRI, Cuttack 3) IARI, Karnal


1) DWR, UAS, Dharwad 2) IARI, Indore 3) CSUAT, Kanpur

Maize 1) DMR 2)VPKAS, Almora 3) ANGRAU,Hyderabad 4) RAU,Dholi
Sorghum 1) NRCS, Hyderbad 2) MPKV, Rahuri 3) GBPUA&T, Pantnagar 4) HAU,Hisar
Pearlmillet 1) MPKV,Rahuri 2) Mandore (PC)
Dus Test Centres
Chickpea 1) IIPR, Kanpur 2) MPKV, Rahuri 3) HAU,Hisar
Mungbean 1) IIPR, Kanpur 2) ANGRAU, Hyderabad
Urdbean 1) IIPR, Kanpur 2) TNAU, Coimbatore
Fieldpea 1) IIPR, Kanpur 2) JNKVV, Jabalpur
Rajmash 1) IIPR, Kanpur 2) VPKAS, Almora
Lentil 1) IIPR, Kanpur 2) JNKVV, Jabalpur
Pigeon pea 1) IIPR, Kanpur 2) PKV, Akola 3) TNAU, Coimbatore

DUS Centres
National Guidelines for the Conduct of Tests for Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability
Crop List
DUS test guidelines finalized for 12 notified crop species: Black gram, Bread wheat, Chickpea, Field pea, Green gram, Kidney bean, Lentil, Maize, Pearl millet, Pigeon pea, Rice, Sorghum
 Crop Guidelines
. Cotton (tertaploid)
. Cotton (Diploid)
. Jute